EcoMetric Consulting maintains a partnership with Abraxas Energy Consulting (Abraxas) to provide world-class energy consulting services to our valued clients. In August 2016, EcoMetric executed a joint venture agreement with Abraxas based in San Luis Obispo, CA with additional offices in Oakland, CA and Seattle, WA. Abraxas staff has over two decades of combined experience providing M&V services to utilities, ESCOs and end-users. The Abraxas team is comprised of seasoned M&V professionals with extensive onsite metering experience and access to a large inventory of metering equipment. Several members of the Abraxas team have worked for ESCOs to provide M&V on performance contracts; all of the team has received OSHA 10 Hour certification and electrical safety training. As a General Services Administration (GSA) contractor, Abraxas is especially known for their experience in federal facilities including national labs, army bases and other defense facilities.

The following California-based field staff are trained and available to work seamlessly with EcoMetric on a wide variety of energy evaluation and consulting projects: